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Recent changes to the Fire Management Manual

This page documents changes made in the Fire Management Manual within the last three years.

20 Nov '12:-Defined NIMS training requirements and IQCS database needs for fire qualifications management and compliance reporting.
-Clarified that CPR is required as part of First Aid and CPR requirements.
-Added Acting Fire Manager designation procedures.
-Clarified text in Requirement 6 to define required fitness testing variation by position.
-Added required training (I-200 Basic Incident Command System) to Single Resource Boss positions, complying with fall 2012 change to US NWCG standard (PMS 310-1)
20 May '11:-Establish ATV Operator (ATVO) as a distinct technical position on fire operations, along with minimum training standards.
-Revised personnel section to include a fire operations position flow-chart. Training Pathway
-Added Prescribed Fire Crew Member (RXCM) as an agency-specific position on prescribed burns, similar to FFT2 but with moderate minimum fitness requirement.
-Updated the FMAT roster.
-Reformatted position description pages to have parallel design and added descriptions of position documentation requirements.
-Updated Annual Safety Refresher Guidelines to conform to current NWCG standards.
-Added reference in Requirement 7 to Fire incident Response Protocol (Intranet legal resource).
-Added text in Requirement 3 on the use of aviation resources in Prescribed Burn Unit Plans.
-Added minimum Aviation training requirements for Burn Boss or Single Resource Boss positions when serving as passengers in aircraft on burns.

7 Apr 10: Clarify positions requiring Basic First Aid training; Note made of fitness levels for positions when Interagency U.S. "Red Card" is desired; Addition to Intranet Fire Manual giving Guidance on Conflict of Interest situations; Fire legal resources updated on Intranet including new waivers and review of laws documents.
15 Oct 09:-Complete redesign of Administrative Section of the Fire Manual. Text moved to the Conservancy's Intranet Fire Manual web site for insurance and detailed adiministrative instructions, as well as legal forms.
-Added requirement for Consequence Analysis to burn plans; must have for all burns conducted after January 1, 2010.
-Added clarification for non-U.S. Fire Management activities to require training and qualifications standards that are reviewed.
-Adjusted parts of the manual to conform with recent NWCG changes: SRB types prerequisite for ICT4; fire shelter transition to New Generation shelters by January 1, 2010; Instructor qualifications clarified for teaching S-212 chainsaw course; also noted the fire course RX300 is now RX301 and RX341.
-Clarified Manual text on Can burn plans be modified in the field? Need Fire manager approval (e.g. phone, email) if change is contrary to Fire Manual Guidelines; and not allowed if change is contrary to Fire Manual Requirements.
-Clarified Manual text for Requirement #7, report incidents when fire leaves managed land, not just fires off TNC lands.
-Clarified Manual text for Guideline #3, Fire Manager to consider weather as an element of Non-broadcast burn plans.
-Text of Fire Manual edited to remove references to old organizational names, e.g. Conservation Strategies Division and Global Fire Initiative.
01 Jan 09:Complete manual review.
Added requirement for Fire Manager to review and sign burn plans implemented by contractors; must approve choice of contractor.
Added guidance on using CD versions of S-130, S-190, and I-100.
Clarified requirement for Conflict of Interest procedure when burning on private lands.

Last updated November 20, 2012.

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