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Planning related to fire management activities identifies the legal and regulatory framework governing fire, details ecological information needed to justify fire management actions, and sets forth specific parameters within which prescribed burns may be conducted. Wildfire plans are specifically about preparedness, improving safety and reducing risks to people, infrastructure and natural assets.

All burns conducted by the Conservancy must be designed to meet stated ecological management or restoration objectives and goals. Burns are conducted when there is sufficient information available to be confident that fire will benefit priority species, communities, or landscapes, even though certain fire effects may not be well-documented or understood. Monitoring is helpful to gauge the attainment of management goals and to assess the need to modify the fire regime or undertake research.

What Plans are Required?

A written and approved Prescribed Burn Plan is required for all broadcast and non-broadcast burns. Details are found in the Prescribed Burn Plan page in this planning section of the fire management manual. A Site Fire Management Plan must be in place for burns conducted on Conservancy lands, unless the adequate justification for the use of fire is given in the Goals and Objectives of the Prescribed Burn Unit Plan.

A Wildfire Plan is a helpful document related to the management of Conservancy lands. The purpose of a Wildfire Plan is to ensure safety of staff, volunteers and visitors to Conservancy property in the event of wildfire, and to prepare the property for reduced wildfire impacts to nature and facilities. Where the Conservancy is proactively burning our property, a Wildfire Plan may be helpful in coordinating wildfire response by local authorities. The effectiveness of such pre-planning depends greatly on the establishment of cooperative relationships and good communications between landowners and authorities.

Last updated July 20, 2017.

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