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Standard Situation
Special Situations

  Fire Administration and Insurance

This section of the Manual focuses on administrative procedures for fire management. It begins with determination of the type of situation in which the Conservancy fire program will engage. In the standard situation, fire management is conducted on TNC land by Conservancy Representatives. Other scenarios are classified as special situations. Both sets of circumstances are discussed in detail. Information on liability waivers, Memorandums of Understanding and other agreements, contracting burns, insurance and participation on trainings is provided on the Conservancy's Intranet Fire Manual web site, accessible to Conservancy employees.

The Nature Conservancy's Personnel and Administrative policies and standard operating procedures are in no way modified by the Fire Management Manual. This manual applies those standards to the Conservancy's fire management programs and sets out additional information specific to it. You are urged to consult your appropriate Conservancy legal, finance or Human Resources personnel for detailed instructions regarding contracts, hiring, insurance and other aspects of personnel and financial management.

Determine the Situation

Administrative procedures depend on who is doing the burning and whose land is being burned. In the Fire Management Manual, we distinguish between standard and special situations as follows:

Standard situation:
  1. Conservancy Representatives burning on Conservancy land
Special situations:
  1. Prescribed burning done by Conservancy Representatives on land not owned by The Nature Conservancy (whether or not payment is received)
  2. Prescribed burning done on Conservancy land by individuals who are not Conservancy Representatives
  3. Any involvement of Conservancy Representatives in the fire management activities of another organization (prescribed fire and fire suppression)

Last updated July 20, 2017.

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