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The Fire Management Coordinator provides overall supervision and coordination of the Conservancy's fire management programs. The Coordinator has the authority to set fire management standards, and may exempt requirements and guidelines with proper justification. The Fire Management Coordinator will consult with appropriate senior managers, attorneys, and the Fire Management Advisory Team (FMAT) when making significant changes to organizational requirements and guidelines.

Responsibility and Authority:

  • Sets fire management requirements and guidelines
  • May exempt fire management requirements and guidelines with justification
  • Maintains the Fire Management Manual
  • Coordinates national-level fire training
  • Oversees documentation of personnel fire qualifications
  • Maintains Conservancy-wide data on fire management
  • Designates Fire Managers; may suspend designation for poor performance or non-compliance with Conservancy standards, requirements and guidelines
  • Oversees compliance auditing of Operating Unit fire programs
  • May temporarily suspend operations of a Conservancy fire program because of safety concerns or non-compliance with Conservancy standards, requirements and guidelines
  • Provides oversight of organizational risk related to fire management


The Fire Management Coordinator is assigned by the Conservancy's Risk Officer to a staff person at the worldwide level. The Fire Management Coordinator must be familiar with safety and risk issues related to controlled burns and wildfires and have a demonstrated ability to evaluate people, programs and potential problems and to build partnerships. Experience as a Fire Manager for a Conservancy Operating Unit is helpful.

The Fire Management Coordinator may designate an Acting Fire Management Coordinator to serve during brief periods of unavailability. Fire Managers will be informed in writing or by email of such designations.

Last updated July 20, 2017.

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