Fire Management
Advisory Team
Fire Management
Fire Manager
Burn Boss (RXB1)
Burn Boss (RXB2)
Burn Boss (RXB3)
Incident Commander
Type 4 (ICT4)
Single Resource Boss
Squad Boss (FFT1)
Firefighter (FFT2)
RX Crew Member
Chainsaw Operator
ATV/ UTV Operator
Supervised Participant
Fire Observer

  Fire Observer

The Fire Observer is an untrained person selected by the Burn Boss or Incident Commander to assist on fires where additional people are required for duties such as traffic control, photography, public relations, etc. If near active fireline, the Fire Observer must wear Nomex-style clothing, hardhat, and appropriate footwear, and must be under the supervision of qualified fire personnel. A Fire Observer is not allowed to participate in active fireline operations.

Last updated July 20, 2017.

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