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The Squad Boss/Firefighter Type 1 oversees a squad, three to seven personnel is typical, in prescribed fire or wildfire activities as directed by a Single Resource Boss, Burn Boss, or other incident command position.

Responsibility and Authority

  • Leads a squad on fire assignments
  • Enables good communications and situational awareness
  • May be assigned responsibility for completing Non-broadcast Burns
  • May serve as an entry-level course instructor, e.g. S130 or S131 unit instructor

How to become a Squad Boss

A Squad Boss must meet minimum training, experience and physical fitness requirements listed below, and complete the NWCG FFT1 Position Task Book (PTB) as a trainee on multiple fire assignments.

Required Training:

Other Training (not required) which supports development of knowledge and skills:

  • ATV Safety and Operations
  • S-212 Wildland Chainsaws
  • S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Use

Required experience:
Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2) or Prescribed Fire Crew Member (RXCM)

Required Physical Fitness:

Position Task Book:

Local Conservancy Burn Boss or Fire Manager may Initialize and Agency Certify the FFT1 PTB.

Position Currency

To remain qualified as a Squad Boss:

Position Documentation

A Squad Boss is responsible for maintaining awarded training certificates, completed Position Task Books, fitness test documentation, and a log or record of their wildland fire experience. Typical fire experience log will contain: specific dates and locations of fire assignments; fire name, size, type and fuels; and position(s) held by the individual. The Conservancy may retain copies of these documents in a state or local office for documenting an individual's information in the IQCS database.

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