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  Fire Management Advisory Team

The mission of the Fire Management Advisory Team (FMAT) is to enable communication among fire practitioners in the Conservancy and to develop recommendations regarding possible changes in Conservancy fire management guidelines, requirements and procedures. The FMAT is chartered under the Conservancy's Operations Division. The team advises the Fire Management Director.

The team is composed of about 14 field representatives, a national fire training specialist and a liaison to Conservancy state directors. Conservancy attorneys also serve as advisors. Team calls are every other month and more frequently when necessary. Minutes of meetings are available to Conservancy employees on Connect or from FMAT members.

Conservancy staff or volunteers who have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the requirements, guidelines or procedures should communicate with their FMAT representative, who will respond directly or bring the matter to the attention of the team.

FMAT Charter

Last updated June 5, 2019.

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