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2021 RT-130 Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Webinar

All staff and volunteers must annually participate in the RT-130 Safety Refresher to be considered "current" in wildland fire positions. The minimum level of required contact time varies among fire agencies and organizations but all personnel must participate.

A webinar of RT-130 safety talks was recorded on February 10, 2021, and the recording links are below on this page.

Completing RT-130 using this material involves four steps:

  • Complete Pre-work reading
  • Participate in the Webinar or watch the recording
  • Local deployment of a practice fire shelter (In 2020-21, watch the video)
  • Confirm completion of the above tasks with your local Fire Manager or Burn Boss for certification
  • 1. Pre-work

    (read the content of each of the links below)

    Five Communications Responsibilities

    Wildland Firefighters and COVID-19

    Effects of smoke exposure

    Avoid Fuel Geysering


    Fire Orders

    2. Video of Webinar (2.5 hours)

    If the video above does not play, try this download link (mp4 video)

    3. Shelter Deployment

    Locally deploy a practice fire shelter. Do not deploy in the presence of live fire. Avoid random vehicle traffic, broken glass and other hazards to yourself or other participants. Use appropriate PPE such as gloves, hard hat and eye protection to simulate the conditions of an emergency fire shelter deployment.

    ALERT- Due to COVID-19 health hazards, practice fire shelters must NOT be reused on the same day. Use only clean practice shelters, e.g., those unused for at least 14 days or those properly sanitized between users. For 2020 and 2021 calendar years, watching the NWCG fire shelter video is an acceptable substitute for practice shelter deployment.

    The video is here The New Generation Fire Shelter.

    New or first-time fire personnel will benefit from using a practice fire shelter as long as clean equipment is available.

    4. Certification

    Work with your local Fire Manager or Burn Boss to confirm completion of the three steps outlined above. Certificates of completion are not required for this recurring training. Documentation can be in the form of a short memo or course roster with complete names of participants. Fire Managers may credit course completion in IQCS database and communicate such to participants.

    Last updated February 15, 2021

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